Noe Valley Pediatrics  

How to join our practice

Please plan in advance!!
 It is a challenge balancing the desire to take new patients while giving excellent care to our existing patient population. We try very hard to offer same day appointments for acute care issues. We also try to schedule physical exams within a reasonable time frame ( generally calling 6-8 weeks ahead of time will get you the flexibility to choose an appointment time that will work with your schedule)
Due to space and time limitations we do need to actively control the number of new patients coming in to the practice
 Currently we are accepting newborns only. We offer group interview sessions once or twice a month that will give you an opportunity to learn more about the practice and ask any questions that you might have. ( You are interviewing us..not the other way around)
These sessions are run by one of the nurses. They fill up quickly so please call several months ahead of your due date to ensure a spot.
Due to the busy schedule,The doctors are not currently making individual appointments to meet prospective patients