Staff Information
The Doctors:
Our primary doctors are  James Schwanke,  Nayana Anne, Jessica Kaplan and Sophia Hurd

The nurses:

Judy, Charity and Jen are here to help you figure out whether or not your child needs to come in when they are ill. They also are a great source of information on all sorts of topics ranging from teething, constipation and  starting solids to behavior issues.
There is no such thing as a silly question.
Nurse Charity has been part of our team since 2008 and is also a certified lactation consultant.
Nurse Judy has been part of the office since 1988. In addition to giving phone advice she holds workshops for parents. (
Jen is the newest member of our team and we are thrilled to have her on board!

The Medical assistants:
Josie, Rosa and Eileen will be bringing your child into the room and doing the initial history and triage. They also administer the vaccinations

The Front Desk:
Khaly, Lily and Lisa will help you get checked in and out and schedule appointments

Insurance and Billing:

Please call Suzy at 415-282-5501 or 707-577-8044 to help you out with these issues


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