New Born                        Exam within the first week,      Hep B in hospital

1 Month                           Exam,        Hep B

2 Month                           Exam         Pentacel (Dtap, Polio, Hib) ,Prevnar, rototeq

4 Month                           Exam         Pentacel, Prevnar, Rototeq

6 Month                           Exam         Pentacel, Prevnar, Rototeq

9 Month                           Exam         Hep B    

12 Month                         Exam         Pentacel, Prevnar ( screening for iron level and lead level as needed)

15 Month                         Exam         MMR, Varivax ( chickenpox), Hep A

18 Month                         Exam

24 Month                         Exam         Hep A

30 Month                         Exam         ( not covered by all insurance plans)

3 Year                              Exam

4 year                               Exam          ( includes hearing, vision and urine screening)

                                                             MMR, Varivax

5 year                                Exam          Dtap, IPOL

6 Year                               Exam

7 Year                               Exam

8 Year                               Exam                                                                                                                     

10 Year                             Exam         Gardisil ( HPV 3 shot series)

12 Year                             Exam         Tdap, Menactra

14 Year                             Exam

16 Year                             Exam

18 Year                             Exam


*For  some of our older patients, more frequent check ups might be indicated


*We try to do all check ups from 4 and older in the Spring, Summer and early autumn


                     Alternative Immunization Schedules and Visit  Fees


     Our recommended immunization schedule is consistent with American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations and is designed to achieve rapid, complete immunization with a minimum number of injections.  Speed and completeness are especially important to protect against life-threatening diseases such as whooping cough, meningitis and pneumonia for infants in first 6 months of life.

    We prefer polyvalent vaccines which protect against multiple diseases with a single injection (Pentacel) and infant pneumonia vaccine (Prevnar) starting at two months of age.

     Although we’re aware of alternative immunization schedules which limit vaccination to single antigen shots one at a time, we believe those schedules are less effective because they achieve protection too slowly.

    If parents choose alternative vaccination schedules the children will need extra shot visits to get their protection or fall behind in gaining needed protection.

     Extra vaccination only visits beyond usual checkups mean more crowded waiting rooms and extra work for our nurse/immunizers.

     To compensate for that extra burden on our resources, we are assessing a $25 surcharge in addition to any regular copays or deductibles that are otherwise due.

     If a vaccination only visit has been suggested by your doctor because of an illness or other medical reason that surcharge will be waived, but only if the MD has indicated it at the prior checkup visit.








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